KickinthaDoor was founded with a mission to provide actionable career guidance and resources TO ambitious millennials. 

We are not the typical career resource platform. We don't specialize in crafting resumes with the right font or layout. 


  • delivers strategies that work by focusing on positioning you as the ideal candidate for the companies you're most interested in

  • helps you to identify industries, companies or roles where your current skillset would be a great asset

  • provides support during your job search by identifying the right types of companies to target, tactics on how to stand out from the competition and methods to negotiate the items that really matter to you, whether thats more vacation, higher compensation or a flexible work schedule

KICKINTHADOOR is here to help you navigate your career from a place of confidence, not desperation. 

The World Is Yours.




Interviewing with a series of notable companies and not getting the job due to “insufficient experience” prompted Dante to reevaluate her job hunting strategy. A natural problem solver, she developed a framework that emphasized her professional strengths (among other things) and tested it. As a job candidate with expertise in digital, Dante crafted her resume and positioned herself for a role within Google - her ideal employer at the time. When a Google executive contacted her via LinkedIn and invited her to interview for a position that hadn’t yet been posted, Dante knew she was onto something.

And her friends did too. Dante began consulting them on how to position themselves for the organizations and roles they wanted. When they achieved results, Dante solidified her idea into a business and began consulting friends of friends. After refining her offerings to scale to a larger audience, Dante launched KICKINTHADOOR to the public.

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