a few case studies


well educated but with limited experience outside of school

michelle was highly credentialed after going straight from undergrad through a doctoral program at a reputable school. she was able to get interviews but was repeatedly passed over due to “not having enough experience” when compared to other interviewees.

what she wanted

michelle had 3 degrees, in 3 distinct but related areas of study. in her first full time role post grad school, she wanted to specialize, but the experience she did have was all related to her work as a teacher’s assistant in school. her experience was also reflective of 3 different areas of expertise. she needed a concise personal narrative to anchor her interview stories, and a resume that supported her academic story with real world impact.

what we accomplished

in two coaching sessions, michelle learned how to edit and restructure her experience into a narrative that supported her current ambitions. she got further along in following interview cycles as a result and ultimately landed a position at one of her preferred organizations to work for.

Through working with KICKINTHADOOR I was able to confidently tell my story while communicating my top strengths in my resume. I felt structured and focused on a career path that you guided in highlighting - as a result my first interview was successful, in turn I landed the job -
— michelle


a top performer who needed to identify her values as she navigated a counter offer scenario.

natasha was ascending in her company quickly until there was a decline in the health of the business. as a result, she and her peers churned through 3 personnel changes in management within a short timespan. she felt it was time to urgently find something new.

what she wanted

in the midst of significant changes at her company, natasha reflected on what was most important to her in an employer. she was ready to build her family, but hadn’t since her current company didn’t offer maternity leave. she felt it was a good time to see what other opportunities were available at organizations that would support her desire to develop her personal life and her career.

what we accomplished

natasha applied to a few companies and got a call back from a really big one - amazon. we negotiated her offer, including rsu’s, two annual bonuses and relocation package. when she notified her company of her desire to leave, they countered. in a series of coaching sessions, natasha and i identified her values, evaluated her opportunities in the context of them, navigated the counter offer without damaging the professional relationships she worked hard to build, and made the best decision for her and her growing family. she’s now a happily employed mom :).

With your advice I was able to increase my total compensation offer by $22,000!
— natasha


post career transition, he wanted to grow fast to make up for ‘lost time.’

desiring a career pivot, davis attended grad school then began a new career in an entry level position. he reached out to KICKINTHADOOR after feeling stifled at his company.

what he wanted

david wanted a new role that would enable him to make significantly more money and also be challenged in a healthy and satisfying way. in order to do this, he needed to reposition his existing skills, and rebrand himself from grad student to mid-level professional.

what we accomplished

in two coaching sessions, we identified a specific type of employer to target. we narrowed his focus and identified companies that could meet his requirements and would value his skill sets…and pay him for them. as a result, davis was able to target his job search and not waste time and energy aimlessly applying to every open job request he found.

I’ve really enjoyed the level of attention and consideration that KICKINTHADOOR offers. You helped me with my personal, individual needs. That’s almost invaluable, to me.
— davis